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Dr. Russell Richards

Dr. Russell Richards has over forty-five years of experience as a retail trader. He has a PhD in mathematical sciences. In his professional career, he has been a tenured professor of operations research, a consultant, a cofounder of three businesses, an entrepreneur, an inventor, a manager of operations research and systems analysts, a systems engineer, and a research and technology manager. He is now retired but is registered with the IRS as a securities trader. He spends most of every weekday trading options, futures, and stocks and figuring out how to improve his edge in trading.

After retirement, he realized that his background in probability, decision analysis, systems analysis, modeling, and simulation was perfect for trading options. When he realized that he could emulate the way gambling casinos take advantage of a small probability edge to grind out consistent profits day after day, he was sold. He shows how to generate a small edge in trading options. Then, like the casinos, he places lots of small trades, each with an edge, and he manages each trade actively. His approach grinds out consistent profits month after month, and it doesn’t matter if the market is going up, down, or nowhere. This book provides you with the know-how, tools, and mechanics to do the same.